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Earle Garnette Jr was born and raised in Philadelphia, from an early age he was inspired by movement and knew he wanted to be a professional dancer. Starting with freestyle, mostly self taught, he then started training with different Hip Hop OG's in Philadelphia and grew his knowledge. When he joined Academy of Phresh he started training more in choreography. He graduated from the Motivating Excellence program run by american director and choreographer Rhapsody James and Nicco Annan in Los Angeles. He has won many awards as a dancer such as World of Dance America. With the dance company ""I am Phresh" he toured the US as a co-artistic director as well as a dancer and performed in various venues. After a job inquiry for “the Big 5“ an international dance project of Pottporus/ Renegade(GER) and SILK FLÜGGE (AUT) he moved to Switzerland in 2022 and has been dancing in different productions, battling and teaching in Switzerland as well as in London.


Growing up in Philly he has trained with the OG‘s and along side some of the pioneers. He is bringing you steps, knowledge and a whole lot of training. This class is for dancers who have been dancing but want to increase their knowledge in Hip Hop foundations and movement! Every class covers a different era of Hip Hop dance. on 28th we start with the beginning, the 80ies introduction of Hip Hop grooves. On the 29th we move to the 90ies house party vibes and very energetic movement. On the 30th we look at the 2000s introducing a different musicality, playing with dynamics and always rocking a bop.

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