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Lorenzo Vayssière aka “Sweet” is a performing dancer-poet who was born in the Val d’Oise department, in Eaubonne, where he started out at age 15. He is mainly inspired by bboying, a common practice from which he freely draws to achieve oddity and fulfill himself completely as an artist. This makes his dancing pure, based on impactful expertise between the appropriation of opposite states and energies, the quality of movement execution and the art of letting it breathe, dancing life and its ups and downs with passion.

Since 2007, he has been an active member of Bad Trip, one of the most unconventional French dance groups of all styles. In 2010 he also integrated the group Sans Limite, which distinguishes itself by its activism in battles and which features bboys from Paris and Troyes. In keeping with his will to constantly raise the bar, in 2013 Lorenzo joined urban / contemporary dance company Black Sheep, founded by Saïdo “Darwin” Lehlouh and Johanna Faye. He was featured in production Wild Cat and more recently in Apaches.

In 2016, he was a member of Philippe “Physs” Almeida’s teaching team Mouvmatik, where he teached bboying at the A.I.D. (Académie Internationale de la Danse, International Dance Academy, Paris). Lorenzo is also the co-founder of The Art Way movement with Cedric “Stylez C” Borges.

Lorenzo’s creativity and strong identity enabled him to be affiliated to Anne Nguyen’s company Par Terre in 2017, with whom he took part in the creative process of the play Kata and undertook a number of cultural actions.

In the search for a new artistic drive, he founded Selected View in 2019 with Rowdi Legove Lewing: a platform uniting bboys defending the same artistic vision and in search of state of grace through approaching the unknown and the magic of the present moment.


This LAB is welcoming anyone who is curious to get in touch with their inner selves. Lorenzo will invite you into his very unique way of how he cultivates his own dance, what inspires him and where it comes from - in order to free yourself in your very own universe.
His constant and deep reflection on existential themes such as Art, Humanity, Authenticity or Love, shows his open-mindness. To approach the otherness that we find in a personal but also collective approach, brings him the necessary keys for transmission. SWEET‘s Lab will make you encounter the universe of poetry, drawing, music and investigate differente dance footage which will help him to gather the group on a common ground and guide you beyond. The laboratory will inquire alot into the research between dancer and music. Over those 4 days you will aim to discover the richness of your uniqueness and what it offers you. You will face your facilities, embrace and then develope them into your personalised superpower.

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