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Tamara Robledo Oud (1993, Barcelona) based in Rotterdam, is a Dutch/Spanish professional all-round dancer. She is mostly known for her House dance, Waacking and personal flavour, which is often described as groovy, rhythmical and expressive.

She aims to intuitively move how it feels right, what the music or the moment is calling for. Feeling first, no matter the style. She started dancing at a very young age and has been trained in several styles over the years, but she always aims to keep exploring and expanding within the freedom of her movement.

Tamara has toured (inter)nationally with various Dutch theater companies. She also performed at (inter)national festivals such as Amsterdam Dance Event, Summer Dance Forever, Lowlands, North Sea Jazz, Ladies of Hip Hop (USA), B Supreme (UK), Istanbul Streetdance Carnival (TURKEY), Faro Urbano (SPAIN) and Malmö Dance Week (SWEDEN), to name just a few.

Commercially she has worked with brands such as Nike, Red Bull, Absolut Vodka, Elle Magazine and more. This year she has released her first dance short film called ‘Fuerza’ which has been screened in a couple of countries. Next to performing and creating she works a lot within education, sharing at different dance educations in the Netherlands as well as open classes at Hiphophuis in her hometown Rotterdam and workshops at several spaces in and outside of the Netherlands. She also organizes events within her local dance community.

She is active in the (inter)national battle scene, dancing on some of the biggest battle stages such as Summer Dance Forever (House and Waacking), Red Bull Dance Your Style, Flavourama, Juste Debout and winning titles such as UK Champs World Champion House, Istanbul Streetdance Carnival, Spin Off, Get Your Waack On and more.

She is part of the Rotterdam based Amenti Theatre Company, which next to dance and performance art also focusses a lot on self-awareness development through dance, movement and psychology, using their own Amenti MoveMeant method. They organize different workshops, courses and events.

Tamara’s passion lies within creating experiences for people that bring them closer to themselves and each other, through various forms of ‘edutainment’. Aiming to bring an opportunity for expression, growth, connection and recognition. Whether it is through teaching, performing, creating or organizing, her mission is the same in all that she does; ‘to connect and elevate through heArt.’


In this LAB Tamara will share different approaches on how to explore, expand and experience a deeper sense of self-expression within your (house)dance. The tools will be given in an open way, so that it can be applied to several dance styles, but will always be linked back how to apply it to your House dance.
One of the themes you will dive into in the four days is ‘GROOVE AND FLOW, since Tamara experiences this as the ‘glue’ in her overall dance. The aim here is to find a deeper connection to your own body, provoke possibilities beyond habits and find bridges within your own movement.
Another theme we will investigate is ‘’RHYTHM AND MUSICALITY’’. The focus will be on expanding your musical understanding, for that connects you even stronger to the music and your own rhythm as well.
Tamara believes that a bigger capability in rhythm play enhances your translation of the music, your creativity and influences the dynamics in your dance.
Last but not least you will dive into the power of ‘’EXPRESSION’’. Being able to use your dance to express a feeling, situation, mood (non-verbal storytelling) is what can bring a true sense of self-expression, recognition and connection to others, which for her is the true magic of dance.
Summing up you are invited to come and expand yourself through these three themes. Singularly or complimenting each other, they will lead you to your dance becoming more honest and personal.
There is only one you and it is a gift to witness you on the dancefloor.

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