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Jesús Fernández (Dancer, Choreographer, Graduated from the María de Ávila Royal Conservatory of Dance, Madrid). Cádiz, 1982. It was forged from a very young age with different teachers such as Mario Maya, Antonio Canales, Alejandro Granados, Israel Galván, Javier Latorre, La China, etc... He moved to Madrid at the age of 18, being required as the first figure in tablaos such as "Casa Patas", "Corral de la Morería". “Las Carboneras” (Madrid), “Los Gallos” (Seville), “El Cordobés” (Barcelona), “El Flamenco” (Tokyo). Subsequently, he performs innumerable galas as part of different productions and festivals such as Seville Biennial, Flamenco Usa, London Festival, Alburquerque Flamenco Festival, Milan Flamenco, Jerez Flamenco Festival, Flamenco Edition, Mont de Marsan Festival, Esch Festival, BBK Flamenco, Holland Biennial. , Festival Nimes, Mercat de las Flores, Red de Teatro INAEM and in 2009 he was invited by the National Theater Company Noord Nederland Toneel, with the play ̈ Medea ̈ directed by Ola Mafaalani. In 2010 he was awarded the "Desplante Award" by the International Festival of Cante de las Minas. The Union. After his success in this contest, he participates as a guest artist in the appointment of "Flamenco Heritage of Humanity", an act presided over by the king and queen of Spain at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid. His strong stage personality stands out in shows as a guest artist in "La espina" by Olga Pericet, (Award for the best show of the Festival, awarded by the specialized critic and recently nominated with 5 nominations at the Max 2018 awards, including "best male dance performer 2018, "CAIJERÉ" Villamarta Theater production, "TIERRA CANTAORA" Cía Manuel Morao, broadcast by Tve in 6 chapters. Directed by Álvaro Forqué. "BURLAO DE SEVILLA" Cía Rafaela Carrasco represented in New York. ” Cía Pepa Molina, “AMALGAMA” and “REW” Cía Manuel Liñan, “MEDEA” Dutch National Theater, among others… His multiple artistic concerns have led him once again to create his latest artistic proposal "Unfinished Points", under the stage direction of the outstanding avant-garde dancer Daniel Doña. A project with artistic residency in Madrid granted by Los Teatros del Canal. Its official premiere at the Festival Flamenco de Jerez 2018 receiving headlines in the press such as "La singularidad hace baile" Diario de Jerez or "Suddenly the new is old" Own Productions: - TIES - GADITANING - UNFINISHED POINTS - THE PEPA Awards and mentions: - “Nominated/finalist for Best Male Flamenco Dance Performer 2022.” (Lorca Awards. The Andalusian Academy of Performing Arts). - "Candidate for best male dance performer 2018" (Max Awards). - “Premio Desplante” (International Festival of Cante de las Minas 2010 on its 50th anniversary) - “Award for the best Free Dance” (National Flamenco Contest organized by the Cádiz City Council and La Perla flamenco club). - “Aisge Award for Best Dancer”. 2016. (Community of Madrid, AISGE Foundation). - “Best Choreography Award” (Spanish Dance and Flamenco Madrid Contest, held at the Círculo de Bellas Artes. Madrid 2015). 



Let‘s Dance for Guajiras (medium level)

(Taught by the dancer Jesús Fernandez, Bachelor of Dance, Pedagogy of Flamenco

dance. María de Ávila Royal Conservatory of Dance, Madrid).

The following didactic unit will start from the enhancement of the most traditional flamenco codes.

Its content seeks the development of creativity, the student‘s imagination, experience and

the development of cognitive and artistic qualities so that the student benefits and enjoys a multidisciplinary artistic education.

Body and movement for flamenco por Bulerias (advanced level)

(Taught by the dancer Jesús Fernandez, Bachelor of Dance, Pedagogy of Flamenco dance.

María de Ávila Royal Conservatoryof Dance, Madrid).

The development of the creative process will be treated in an integral way (space, light,

gesture, simple choreographic sequences) all of this always in relation to the body and

movement. The workshop will feature the collaboration of a guest singer along with a guitarist, to contrast and dialogue with the movement, contrasting the radical, the traditional and the contemporary.



General objectives:

a) Understand the art of dance and movement as a form of expression and

communication of ideas and feelings of the human being.

b) Develop the ability to receive and assimilate the knowledge or guidelines that the teacher offers.

c) Know the importance of singing and playing as basic elements in the configuration of

a flamenco dance.

e) Value, enjoy and learn through the creative process, giving it more importance than

the final result.

f) Investigate, analyze, reflect on the body from the given contents.

Specific objectives:

a) Achieve greater mastery in speed and precision in the feet.

b) Enjoy, execute and interpret in a critical and personal way the different activities

c) Develop memory in learning the different exercises. proposed by the


d) Conceive the movement experienced freely.

e) Know and dominate the structure of dance differentiating the

styles worked in this workshop.

f) Work musicality, rhythm, sounds.

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